To provide world-class products and deliver profitability through resourceful and dynamic management.


Carpenters Fiji Pte Limited, a subsidiary of MBf Holdings, represents almost all sectors of MBf in Fiji with wholesale, retail, hardware, automotive, IT, finance, water bottling, shipping, and industrial and marine engineering industries.

The company is an iconic, trusted household name in the Fiji Islands, prospering with over 150 years of experience and service in commerce and trading in the Pacific. Recognised as one of the largest and most influential business groups in the private sector, Carpenters Fiji Pte Limited employs over 3,000 people, and has continued to contribute to the growth of the Fijian economy.


Morris Hedstrom Ltd (MH) began trading in Fiji in 1868 and being one of the earlier pioneer settlers, they soon established themselves as great entrepreneurs. The company swiftly established branches in Tonga and Samoa. Morris Hedstrom previously owned substantial tracts of agricultural land, copra estates, private islands plus commercial and residential property in towns around Fiji.

Carpenters was established in 1920 by William Randolf Carpenter mainly as a trader owning several ships which was used to trade around the islands of Fiji.