Our premium boutique artesian water has won numerous awards for its quality while our trading arm focuses on delivering the best products on the market.

Island Chill is a premium, boutique natural artesian water that originates from the tranquil tropical isles of Fiji. Bottled at source in Vuqele, amid the lush, tropical rainforests on the main island of Viti Levu, Island Chill water is pure and untouched.

Fiji’s tropical rainfall filters slowly through volcanic rocks and collects into a natural artesian aquifer that formed centuries ago. Here it gathers minerals and electrolytes that supplement its smooth, fine taste. Island Chill is categorized as a soft to medium mineral-rich water. The company has continually achieved the highest-ranking 3-star ‘Superior Taste Award’ from the world leading organization, International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi).

Island Chill is available in bottled, bagged and dispenser forms, delivered to your home, business or oce. Island Chill is exported to Australia, Japan, China, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Christmas Island &, Wallis & Futuna, Nauru and Vanuatu.

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