Carpenters Fiji yesterday released more details about the multi-million dollar development projects planned in Suva, including a towering 18-storey office block above MHCC.Construction of the Carpenters Towers is expected to conclude in March 2019.

Several potential “first class” tenants have already showed interest, revealed Vishnu Mohan, Chairman of subsidiary company Carpenters Properties Limited.Three other real estate projects, unveiled last year as part of a major Suva foreshore development, will be rolled out in phases.

They include: A $30 million three-star, 180-bedroom hotel; a $100m five-star 150-bedroom hotel that will have 80 luxury apartments built above it; and an apartment hotel at a cost of $80mThe first phase construction of the three-star hotel that will cover the first three floors is expected to conclude as early as November.

Further construction in phase two will end next March. Mr Mohan, an international banker, said the idea behind such an ambitious project was to make Suva a genuine hub in the South Pacific.“I’m delighted to say that almost all the international operators have shown interest in the project and some of them are in town as we speak,” Mr Mohan said. “Our own internal studies dictated that Suva required good quality hotel rooms and hopefully these projects will add some beauty to the skyline and meet the needs of our customers.”

He said the nature and location of the property made it ideal to build hotels there. The ten-acre foreshore property is expected to have over 100 retail shops facing the sea, along with entertainment, eateries, bars, supermarkets and more.

A Time Square themed waterfront parade will also be constructed, as the investment company attempts to exploit the location’s topography to attract visitors.

Source: Fiji Sun

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