THE long awaited new Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar has finally landed in Fiji. You could say that the luxury SUV was born in 1970 with the original Range Rover.

It was a novel idea to offer a vehicle that would be a comfortable city commuter during the week, transforming into a countryside runaround that handled the muddiest of rural roads with ease on weekends. It offered little compromise.

Today’s Range Rover has kept this essential brand DNA to be a very special blend of luxury, high-performance and all-terrain capabilities. This latest Range Rover maintains this narrative. This is a revised version of the fourth-generation model introduced five years ago for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) typically refrains from completely redesigning its flagship model so as to retain a sense of value. Design tweaks have therefore been subtle on the exterior and concerned mainly with providing comfort and connectivity inside. Feedback, it appears, from Range Rover customers was very clear.

“Don’t change it, just make it better,” says Land Rover chief designer Gerry McGovern. “So, everything we’ve done has been about enhancing our flagship SUV.”
The Range Rover Sport comes with many first-class attributes that equal or out-compete its top rivals.
One of the Range Rover Sport’s best trademarks is its versatile handling , unparalleled off-road capability, and exquisite interiors. Major differences include a higher price and more luxury features and an additional row of seats.

The seven main reasons why the Range Rover Sport is the Ultimate SUV:

  • Now with seven seats. This generation of the Range Rover Sport has grown by just 62mm, but clever packaging means that Land Rover’s engineers have managed to squeeze an extra row of seats, taking the total up to seven. Tat third row might be a tad snug for adults, but it does mean that family drivers now have a luxurious alternative to an MPV.
  • More leather than a biker gang. The cabin is, as you’d expect from a Range Rover, swathed in leather. If you’re going off-road – or have young children – some of the lighter-coloured leathers might be a little impractical, but it does create a wonderful lounge-like environment.
  • Look both ways. There’s some really cutting-edge technology in the Range Rover Sport, but one of the best features is a Dual View screen that displays different information, depending on the side of the car you view it. So while the passenger can watch TV on the move, the driver sees only the sat nav’s map.
  • Lighter than ever. The aluminium architecture of the Range Rover Sport, despite adding a pair of seats, means the car actually up to 420kg lighter than its predecessor. Not exactly nimble, but…
  • Is it really an SUV? For a car that weighs in at over two tonnes (kerb weights of 2,184 to 2,434kg, depending on the engine and trim level) this is a surprisingly agile car. OK, so it’s no sports car, but for an SUV it handles surprisingly well, has impressive body control and rides really well, thanks to the air suspension system.
  • Not short of power, either. Whether you go for the 3.0-litre V6 or 4.4-litre V8 diesels, the diesel-electric hybrid or monstrous 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine, you won’t lack performance. The slowest 0-62mph time is 7.2 seconds, while the 5.0-litre can manage it in an almost unfeasible 4.7 seconds.
  • Elegance personified. This is a Range Rover. You might not have a country seat, but you’ll look like you have, the elegant design and rounded-off boxiness making you look like you’re the very epitome ofsuccess.Image might not be everything, but it does count for a lot — and a Range Rover Sport certainly exudes an enviable image.

With features and reasons like that! Why think twice? The Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar is now available at Carpenters Motors. Contact us today to arrange a VIP test drive.

Source: Fiji Times

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